da KAN FEZTIN by da JIN ...old footage from HAMAZ COMP



volodya_gorovitz says:
ztilll…da DOC

It’s good, but the Igor Roma recording is still my favourite.

that other Hamaz contestant (Taverna, also played le Festin at the comp) has some wickid youtube vids too:


I liked it up until where he sped up randomly, why?! Loses a lot of purpose all of the sudden…

I agree with an!ma that his performance gets a bit frantic, but overall he plays the piece quite musically.

on da cuntrary, he had an epiphacunt n found tru purpoze in hiz lyf :stop: :rudy:

HAHa dis canadian…

i wouldnt even apply score to this piece that i could barely try…

youtube.com/watch?v=rQRlaADn … re=related :comme: :chop: