Listening to - and thoroughly enjoying - Kapell’s Bach D major partita, I was quite startled to miss the final movement gigue. Can any of the knowledgeable folks around here confirm it was not recorded, or does the William Kapell Edition Vol. 6 have a missing track?

Sounds strange… I can’t access the actual CD until tonight, but I have nothing written about it in my list. Have you checked the booklet?

I don’t have the physical CD - I think my copy came from a Koji upload back in the day. For what it’s worth Amazon’s tracklist doesn’t include the gigue…

A reminder that this recording alone would cement his legacy as a legend.

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ik vil checkowitz tu nigt :rocky:

yeah that 4th mvt

He died before he recorded the gigue.

:frowning: Thanks man

Randomly da Kapell rappah 6 a bit :ho:


Yes, the Gigue indeed wasn’t recorded. The booklet says that rumor is that Kapell did record half of it, but that Samuels & Co specifically searched RCA’s vault and ledgers for the 1998 CD edition but couldn’t find it (although I also have first hand info that their archive was in great disarray at the time, so that doesn’t necessarily mean much).

It is a bit weird it never was completed actually. Kapell began working on the recording in December 1952, and he lived almost another year. But there was only one RCA session in between (March 1953), and then I believe he spent several months in Australia over the summer, so perhaps RCA wasn’t his first priority that year. Still, odd they didn’t bother to record that one short final movement in March to complete the work if they knew he wouldn’t be in a studio again until the following winter.

Kapell was a bit of a perfectionist freak like Zim. Especially in his final period. I could see him obsessing over each movement one at a time before commiting it to record.

Apparently there’s an unpublished rec of Kapell in the 2nd partita. Hopefully that gets released some day.

Thanks for the info, X and homiez. A shame the recording wasn’t completed, it’s a beautiful interpretation.

Wow! A complete perf?

No idea. It’s in the Koji discography. But I don’t know if it exists or is only rumoured to exist.


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I will grab sum Kapell late broadcasts from da INA!