Da kev unleazhez da winterwind

how tf do i fix audio drift on da tube plays fine locally

edit: fixed sync


sounds good, really like your mic setup!
you play really well, but maybe try sitting a bit higher or keeping your wrists a bit higher? and try to keep your hands as close as possible so you’re always playing from the key and not down onto it if that makes sense. the right hand can also be lighter, so the melody is always at the forefront of the texture. that can also help make it a bit easier to get thru


Who has the most wikid winter wind of all times? Gav and backhaus come to mind but I dun think about it before

I really like Richter 88’ in London.

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Also Sokolov.

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Timestamped for max fury

Damn cziff jizzed on my face.

Think the backho poss had some original Coca Cola before this rec

also fan of da lug

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Da CAMEL predicktably random interp

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I really want that Cd but it’s always like a hundred bucks on eBay.

Predictably genus interp.

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Ouch my pinky. Orozco hate his hands for sure

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No no no. THIS is how you do it :wim:

winter doldrum?

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I like Lhevinne in da cold fart.

Gavrilov really plays it astonishingly well truuuu