Da lebresheeyat disses da :pimp:

… and reveals, not for the first time, what an ignorant old cunt he is

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Haha what a loser

So far, 1.2 million Euros have been allocated for the first three years of a 12-year collaborative venture between Heidelberg University, the Saxon State Library in Dresden and the Goethe and Schiller Archive in Weimar.

Haha so basically what Lola makes in a year of “private rectals”

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Hehe this shrewd finance structure. 1.2 mil is great but only gonna do 1/4 of the work and it’ll take me 3 years to get there.

Sold :sunglasses:

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We’re all gonna be millionaires soon

Because of inflation :sunglasses:

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:lola: :peach:

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Damn, and my stupid ass thought it’s real

@da_zepp rezpek for catching diz… this chicks start to look the same to me :redface:

what if

she actually a porno star??

Oh man the foot dragging on the interest rate hikes gonne be looked at as one of the greatest debacles in modern finance.

This problem can be fixed but we live in a world of cowardly rent seeking internationally invested pieces of shit. There are no Volckers to fix things anymore.

hahahah i think i pozted diz befo in da klazzic ZIFF DIZZAH thread, but tru, a wikid movie u vil fo zhor enjoy :tm: :sunglasses:


Liked that but glass messed up ma hopes for a good sequel.

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tiz tru

glass was a bit sheeyat - wuz lyk hey you remember all dese characterz you didn’t care about? guezz wut, they’re back…

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Wtf what thread is that?!!