da legend himself- BACH WIT DA ART OF DA FUGUE

Ladies and gentlemen, da bach’s ART OF DA FUGUE is so monumental and furious, dat da mofo wrote it and didnt even assign instruments to it

is that pimpin or wat?

 bach's intellectual fury wit da fugue after da fugue commands massif respek 

 dat and he had 21 kids. his girth must of been legendary

as chopin said, da fact dat he couldn’t keep hiz ballz full iz actually a problem
wit empty ballz u iz too serene and u become too much intellectual

da KAN on da othah hand had ballz like pumpkins…having no biatch, he was constantly in the state of mind of a crazy raper mofo which prevented him from thinking too much and made him cum spontaneously all ovah da place on da 88 and da sheetmusic 8)

hahahahahaahahaha, da KMART iz rite

BUT da bachtopuss iz a legend in hiz own rite - u haff to remembah he basically nevah assigned any tempo indicationz - derefore we can assume, dat he INTENDED AFAP perfs of all hiz verkz 8)

but we must remember bach was so FURIOUSLY genius dat even while bonin his wife every hour, eh still had da inspiration in his brain to write da music, so da theory does not apply to him

 he also had da jesus inspiration, which makes up for da bonin imho

true dat, no tempo indications means dat he played everything wit da fury and da speed

hahaha, u haff neglected to mention he waz a cofo 8)

but it is said in the bible dat when bach played da organ, da church itself would crumble b/c of da massif fury and the moistah would be felt everywhere

hahaha, which fuckin bible iz dis?

da one and only

wit jesus and da bach

hahahaha, satan iz more wikid

comme dis iz ur turn to make da organ joke 8)

dis iz da bach playin hiz organ-


tru 8)


hahahaha ic

I’ve never heard dis sheeyat. I think I must go find a good recording, then.

um, itz prolly bach’z least accesible sheeyat