Da legendary duos topic!!!

Da Slit/K-nar
Da Doctah/Hough mesitah
Da Shrimp/Jay Chow

While da Ludy/Rudy team may have da unrivaled ability to unleash a synchronized 10/2, can dey match da comedic genius of da Shrimp/Jay Chow? Will da Slit’s pornographic approach give dem da orgasmic edge? And where does da Doc fit in to all of dis?

Discuss 8)

da doc played wit lane, not da hough 8)

Dat waz supposed to be da “dream team” 8)

ic 8)

a special mention to da Rectum/Gavinator

da Rectum said about da Gav dat “he is always happy of himself…” “…maybe a bit too much”
(dat was a quasi-diss 8) )

also da Roque d’anthéron made a 4hands/2 piano concert with a bad-ass duo, dat was so bad-ass dat dey were actually four: Rudy/ SpermWhale/Lugy/random russian chix
dey played some Rock/Liszt/Ravel/Thalberg
when I read da penis list I thought dat was a race… probably a vintage SD concert !

:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:



what might have been…

I thought

Doc / Pires-Lane
Leslie Howard / Stephen Hough



Seto Kaiba?

hahaha, it sounds wikid 8)

Lang Lang / Victor Borge (da Comedic value)

hahahahahahahaha, RESPEC!

dat would be mucho insanio 8)

MTTT and KTSD might unleash some fury upon the unsuspecting Chinese continent this summer…hehehe.

koji (STSD)

hahaha, im thinkin…kt…wikid

Aftah dis accomplishment, you will gain da rite to challenge da current Champ Lugy/Rudy in a 14 recital playoff staged in da UAE. 8)

hahaha, what are da odds?