da legendary pieces u hate for da 88

what are some pieces that are fairly often played or highly regarded that you dislike?

for me…
da pimp waldesgrouchin
most debussy (i like his orchestral stuff; most of his 88 stuff i dont dig)
da chopcons (except for a few scattered parts)
most kan (not highly regarded by most, but hes popular here)
da chopgods (same explanation as da kan)
da grieg con
brahms in general (except for da capriccio in bmin)
schumann’s solo piano stuff (i like some of his songs)
da rhapsody in blue (its cool for like a minute, then im done w/ it)

i agree with you on all of that, except for the debussy and the alkan

i just don’t get the chopin concertos…the orchestra part is so inconsquencial.

the grieg concerto is gay-i don’t care what the fuck you say

some of teh TEs…SOME…

puts on flame suit

ANYTHING by Brahms… Yep…

i zumtimez haff touble appreciatin brhamz and rach (apart from the concertoz), az well az tha :chop:conc

da chop is my fave composer, but god only knows when ill be able to sit through a listening of da 1st concerto…

i love da second, tho…

haha da fur elise 8)

man, you guyz are missing out.

attack if you care.

alkan- just about everything
liszt- don juan (that shit is fuckin terrible), a lot of other stuff, wilde jagd (wtf is up with that)
debussy- most stuff, not my cup of tea
bach- I respect, but I don’t have too much interest in a lot of it
mozart- same ^

awww…u serious?

Bach is my fuking musical God…above every other composer and any other composer…

da don juan is ok, but sum pieces of it makes me wonder y this piece is famous…oh well…LISZT!

w0rd on the don juan. thats frivolous crap, along w/ a decent amount of liszt’s stuff.

i dig bach and da zart, though.

i have to say also that i dont particularly like rach’s style. hes written a lot of good music (had a good ear for themes), but his stuff is often as full of fluff as liszt’s music. his orchestration (a lot of the time) sounds to me generic…kinda stereotypical of the time period. both liszt and rach had a good ears for themes, though, imo…da kan on the other hand…

i wud lyk to noe wat mofoz iz alwayz talkin about when they zay a lot of pimp iz sheeyat. ryt now it zeemz to me tiz juzt “c n repeat.” I even doubt you’ve heard 10% of pimp workz.

zo wat iz u talkin about? da tranzcripz? da annez de pelerinage? da soireez m*zicalez? If zay MOZT pimp iz sheeyat, den u zhorly MUZT be able to name dem, ryt?

at leazt i wud think zo.

:chop: Black Keyz Etude, Truamerei, anything called Humoresque

hahahahahahha i totally agree with da vladhowrz…

add da fantasy impromptu to dat shit

ahahahaha u fuckahz tha DJ iz wikid

tha 3 wayz to appreciate it iz

  1. learn it fo yozelf
  2. practice yo octz/3rdz
  3. play it lyk ZART tru (Tha pimp zlurz n phraze sheeyatz r in tha ztyl of ZART)

tru tiz not n attack randonly im juz zayin thiz tru


  1. az much az i luv tha DONGAH hiz rec iz a bit retarded i recommedn juz about ne otha one…tha dongah hilariouzly forgetz that tiz a ZaRT opera n inztead play juz tha notez wit tha DONGA zignatur " i iz tha donga, u luv me, tru" zound…altho thiz workz fo moz donga sheeyat itz a bit fcrap fo thiz work tru

tha :doc: n BULLIT bring tha realnezz to hiz piece

tha BUZ alzo

Fuck da Carnaval!

well, most of the liszt ive heard that i find very frivolous has been from da years of pilgrimage. i like some…like da jew dough and da dante sonata (altho da dante can be a bit sheeyat at times). i dont remember names becuz a lot have long, foreign names and after i hear da shit-liszt factor (useless chromatics n sheeyat like that) i dont bother to waste anymore time w/ it. i dont like da sonettos ive heard.

some of the TEs are kind of shit…I agree w/ steinwaymofo that Wild Jagd is a bit sheeyat. chasse-neige and ricordanza i like somewhat but they get tiresome, especially the chromatics later in chasse-neige…they seem uncalled for.

totentanz gets tiresome quickly (has the same effect as rhapsody in blue…except unfortunately i like certain later parts that come after ive already grown sick of the piece, so if i wanna hear those parts i skip around).

often, though, the shittiness of liszt is seen in parts of pieces i otherwise like

some examples…dat chromatic run right before da entrance of da 2nd theme in mazeppa. WTF is the point of that shit? also, in da HR6, I like all the themes but I hate how that playful theme goes right into the more somber theme. it’s almost humorous the way he does it…and if he intended CG then that’s what he achieved.

some sheeyats i love though are da gnomenreigen, unsospiro, sonata, HR2, ggc (tis a show piece, but i like it), da liebe3, and probly a few others.

PS: about da rach, da end of da rach3 2nd mvmt w/ all da fast stuff. that just killed it for me. i wish he wouldve ended it some otha way…da end reminds me more of da kan or da yngwie than anyone else. im not referring to da stuff RIGHT at da end…dats good because it transitions to the 3rd mvmt, but da fast piano shreddin a bit earlier.

:pimp: :pimp: :stop: :rock: :rock: :stop:

actually, I think da Rach is a way way way better composer dan da pimp…

but some of his piani shit is lots of fluff too…

At leazt yo opinion iz juztified in yo own eyez, n rezpec fo dat. too many mofoz hate da pimp fo da zake of hatin him.

quite frankly, i guess it dependz on yo idea of m*zik, and wethah it happen to match that of da :pimp:. Fo example, in both LAPD n zepp, i c da chromaticz az a grumbling roar. if u try to analyze it az u wud a bach fugue, it’z not goin to work. :pimp: work iz about zpecial effectz. he uzez pianizizm not only an instrumen dat can play a note when u prezz a key, but dat can create a sound or a certain effect when u uze it a particular way.

Lyk da DNz of da zepp, tiz almoz inevitable dat u haff a rape zound n barely hear da DNz except az zum inzane flurry of notez. (if u can hear dem, u iz playin to fuckin zl*w). Now wtf iz da point of havin 12 notez in da middle dat u can barely hear? tiz giff a ZOUND, lyk a gallopin raping horze wiff duzt whippin all around it.