da legendary SINADIN


Subject: Official invitation to Da SDC (Speed Demon Community)

the 6th finger just sent you (Dejan Sinadinovich) a Private Message at The Piano Forums at Piano World.

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Here is the message sent by the 6th finger:

As da Interim Chairman of Da SDC, i hereby invite you to join da DARKSIDE: Da SDC (chopinmusic.net/sdc/)

We worship SPEED & FURY. Your legendary live performance of da 10/4 has caught our attention. Dis piece is what is known as an SDC CLASSIC. and dat means it should be played AFAP (As Fast as Possible). Your Official SDC timing is 1’40, which means you edges out Ziff (Cziffra -1’41) to becum da 2nd fastest playa of da 10/4 known to man. Da Rectum (Richter) still holds da record at 1’31. and in you, we see da potential of a new record. :sunglasses:



sheeyat, i just noticed da disloyalty

hereby - i proclaim dat da vice-chair steps down from office to make way fo a new vice

I object to dat


btw da sinakingdingglin iz a tru embodiment

vice - chair - man

da objection iz overruled 8)

hahaha! so me_myself_and_i… the legend? nonono… i’m fuk+d up completely. i need to start practice again. just few weeks without the ritual and i feel strange already…

hahahaha ur kiddin

u gotta prax 24/7 to beat rectum in da 10/4!!!

datz rite. we await da sinnah kingdinglingz rise to da throne.


haha 8)

da zepp worzt nick invention evah? :sunglasses:



da mini-temujin muz haff called hiz tribal eldahz zum ztupid namez too when he wuz growin up :sunglasses:

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