da legit way to UNLEAZH -wiz HOinJAP tech

tora tora tora

diz maztahclazz teach u how to FURIOUZLY ATTACK a sheeyat when u clearly haff no fuckin chance 8)


:comme: :ho: :zhreddah: :brotha:


da clazzic drunk old man ztyle :canadain:

haha fuckk diz elaborate icon :comme:

hahah gensui composite emo

:doc: great

. . .


how can you take sooo much time for the last chord of the cadenza and then miss it!!..! genzui

I always imagined a 25-year old guy when I heard the name of Toradze btw :zhreddah:

lol tru same here. when i saw this i was like wtf Toradze’s old, fat and looks like a pedo


Da trumofo motha remembers diz mofo playing in da 80’s pozz, he was apparently a virtuoso at sum point 8)

hence the pure rape instincts! 8)

da 1:10 da tru CG starts! HHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAA!!!

DIZ actually sound like da PRICK style!

besides, playing prok - you can play any sheeyeat u want, juz dun stop dead and restarts like d Trumofo did in da Prick 6 :blush:

Wow has Toradze really let himself go physically. Who does he think he is, Sokolov?

He looked even more the part before he rediscovered the barbershop.