da Lezbo Vid

HAHAAHh da HUGE-NUTZ iz 1 ov ma fav pimp parasheeyatz

randomly zlitely weak interp compared to da cohen

hahabut da doc rel8ed vid :doc:

da lezbo norma fantasy is the easily the best I’ve heard.

You’re kidding, right?

I even like Brendel more than Howard.

Not to mention Bolet, Grante and Lewenthal.

not in the least, brendel doesn’t even count as a version because he cut out the arpeggio section. He should stay away from music that he can’t handle technically. Lewenthal I only heard once, and what I heard made me not want to hear it again; like Ginzburg he tries to be too ‘musical’, and the result was a major disappointment. Bolet and Grante, I haven’t heard so I can’t comment on them.

The way most pianists play it I wonder just how familiar they are with the opera (Hamelin, Kocsis for ex). Howard plays it like music but doesn’t eschew the virtuosic elements. There are some wonderful touches towards the end where he brings out a voice in the left hand that I haven’t heard anyone else pick up on. The only problem is that he ‘hides’ the arpeggios a bit (something Ginzburg (especially) and Lewenthal (iirc) also did). I like to hear them prominently.

fuck, just when i thought i couldn’t dislike brendel more

pfffft I might as well claim da mental mofo and madge while I’m at it :whale:


randomly da COCK (kocsis) haz alzo wikid rendition of da NORMA

Yeah, that live Kocsis is my fave.

ztill waiting for da ZIGHTREADIN from da KAT. :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :wood: :ziff: :wood: :ziff:

it’s great virtuosity, but musically it’s pretty terrible.

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

I’ll post the Old Bolet and the Grante. Both are fantastic.

Haha, the dude abides.

This goes without saying. Much like anything I or anyone else says on this forum.

My main problem with Kocsis is that he treats it purely as a showpiece. It used to be my favourite, but not anymore. The arpeggio section is very good though.

Haha, dude I wasn’t being snippy, just quoting His Dudeness.

lol sorry didn’t get the reference


haha ic, I gotta watch this movie