Da Lhevah had an inzane ztretch:



Wow, must have been a massive hand :vulcan_salute:



Gosh, I don’t know what’s most impressive, that CG (tru) stretch or to be able to play a 7 note chord with one hand which actually makes musical sense.

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Do we have anyone here who can stretch an 11th? (pics or it didn’t happen)

Days with long fingernails I might be able to if you give me 5-10 seconds, but I can only reach a 10th in performance, and only a 9th comfortably.

I can in both hands; C to F. I don’t think an 11th is that big a stretch, btw.

If JL really was able to play those first four notes at the same time, he could span a twelfth, just like :rocky:

I don’t think an 11th is huge, I can do CACF in rh and CAF in lh, though it’s not comfortable.

I really don’t know - my impression is that an 11 max is about as common as a 9th max (in men).

Da TM’s:


Yes that’s about mine too

Piece of cake...


Da Harry gives it a go:

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That’s how my C to G stretch looks.

Over the keys is harder. I remember in a Tatum solo there were striding left hand chords with Ab, Eb, C. That one I could just get, but in a fast stride it wasn’t clean half the time.

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Not tried Tatum, but Billy Mayerl loves LH tenths with a fifth in the middle. I mostly find that adding the fifth forces me to be more accurate and also anchors the hand.

Big hands daddy


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