Da Lhevinne stadium concerts in NYC

Daim da Pimp 1 rezpek




I wondah when da almost complete Tchaik 1 home disc cutter rec from 1936 will finally come out on Marzt0n

I dunno but don’t go shitting on the label or they might pack up and have a whinge :melo:



Dats rite, rezpek da MARZTONAH n MELOPEDO.

If I could go back to c 1935 I’d rob a bank, get a 2-disc cutter and follow all da legends around and document all da fuckin rep

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n not kill hitlah ? :lib:

Dude you’re sending the wrong man… :yum:

Da TM knows that da Hitlah is Jackie Kennedy in drag. Harmless. He’d kill off Katharine Hepburn instead since that’s where the real satanic trans-pedo evil is.


Just to be clear: Does TM actually believe all the nonsense he is posting or is he joking with us?


I’m half-joking. I believe that 90% of the “facts” crammed down are throat - should, and MUST be questioned.

Starting from 9/11, going on to the fake moon landings, and finally the secret trans agenda which is not-so-secret anymore

All joking aside, tons of fucked up shit there.

Ok, back to da Lhevinne!

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I’m guessing somewhere in between. I think it is his official position, but I don’t think he’d stick to it if his life depended on it.

Hell no, I’d leave politics da fuck out of it n juz document da tru legends better.

Plus, we’d get a 1935 :ho: rectal wiz da Pimp mazeppa

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Like I said, I think that many things should be examined critically and questioned

We hit da zend button simultaneously :+1:

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@xsdc iz u a fan ov da Lhevinne?

A little bit.

For his time etc - he’s not the kind of pianist I go crazy about. But good tech and good recz.

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Haha diz mofo basically a tru legend back in da day

Harshly, many 15-year-olds can outplay his aristocratic ass today :sunglasses:

Yes, I like him well enough, but even among his own contemporaries he’s at 10th place or somewhere there for me.

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His Frulingsdong is in a class of itz own, same goes fo da smoothest ever 25/6

Da Friedman could have recorded a way better take of da 25/6, wtf, how the hell did he do 20 retakes of da chop zurkaz and one wikidly raped take of da 25/6?

He did 20 takes of a lot of things without approving them :rage:

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Somebody must have told him sum BS about playing note-perfectly instead of just chilling and playing normally

I’m sure da 1933 NHK broadcast will be a revelation. If it’s audible

It really is weird. The recently surfaced Chop Waltz was top notch in my book, and from a clean disc as well.


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