da LIB hilariouzly entahed a comp

in 1992 8)

juz wtfffff iz diz?!?!?! zum cummizzioned zheeyat?

zound lyk a ghey ondine in partz, REZPEC da LIB 8) :lib:

Did he win?!

He’s gifted

ahahahaha da only way da LIB can win a comp iz if

da REQUIRED REP iz revealed 2 hourz b4 every round :sunglasses:

As if we didn’t know 8)

Now if he’d only stop playing like me and do something with all that talent again!

Hahaha, well to be fair da doc only ever won one sheeyat I’d never even heard of.

ahahahahah da DOC

if he took it zeriouzly enuff, cud pozz make da FINAL ROUND of da chop comp, placin no highah den hiz COUZIN da charlez-richard mofo 8)

da LIB tho

lykly DQ in da firzt round…

b4 hookin up wiz all da chickz who wud eventually make da final :sunglasses:

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LIb posted about this on his facebook. Was apparently in military at time and lost because he have limited access to pianos regularly…

The ligeti etudes from this comp rec are pretty good

This guys better release his petrushka vid at some point!!

I hope he performed in his uniform. :lib: :stop:

hahhahaha :whale: :whale: :whale:

Hahahahaha fuckkkkk