da LIB iz EMAILABLE?!?!!?


pianoworld.com/ubb/ubb/ultim … /8689.html

“I’ve made some progress on this piece. After emailing Francesco Libetta, whe wrote me back telling me the score is still just a pencil manuscript, not yet published, and it is in the National Bibliotheque in Paris. I have emailed them, asking for a copy, and they wrote me back for my address, so lets see what happens from here…”

hahaha, DIZ PIECE!!!

FUCKKKKKKK, diz iz actually da main piece on da LIB DVD, itz lyk 20 minz

INSANE SHEEEEEEEEYAT, i didnt uzed to lyk it but i haf recently REALIZED DA INSANE GENSUI

especially da BASH part, when da lib bahsez da whole bottom of da 88 n makez insane soundz

hahahahahaha, wikid :lib:

da LIB iz a fuckin m*zicologizt u know 8)

diz iz TRULY wikid

hahahaha buy di\ DXD

i will

i hav now credit card, so i can order different kind of sheeyats from amazon

hahaha, amazon dun haf diz, u haf too look deepah 8)

haha da fuckin :lib:

hmm 8)