Da LIB :lib: officially prove LISZT :pimp: wuz da moz INNOVATIVE compoza evah 💀 💃


diz TOTENTANZ perf TRULY zhow da INZANE forward lookin gensui ov da PIMP :skull: :dancer:

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Not available in my country… what don’t they want me know?


Can you get this important pedagogical aid though, fatty?

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I don’t think music consented to being touched by Fei Fei


zame hear

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oh hahaha now I read the tube comments and understand
I was very confused for a minute


Enjoy da free demo.

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hahaha who da fuck iz in charge ov namin deze vidz :lib:

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Hahah fuck.

hahah tru, and it’s a branded classical channel too, dey shud know bettah. They probably had da new intern do it :whale:

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Tell me about it, I once did a promo rectal for a local Steinway dealer and I didn’t get to proofread the set list.

“Harmonies Noir” was one of the more accurate efforts :pimp:

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Da Lib tentacles look weird in da thumbnail.

tru da tentacle rappah

Little known fact:

Da Lib learned the remaining ligeti etudes

…whilst performing this one live.


Mmmmm sexy Ding Ding Dong


Yeah. Da KAPzhitzky made some good money from this stupid cunt’s Commie party illustrious :cn: shitbag corruption money

Stupid thot.