da LIB returneth


on da worldz longezt

piano 8)

Hahahaha fuckkkkkkkk

Da inzane clarity ov diz 88!!!

Diz basically got da Yamaha CFX sound

At twice da price 8)

Also, like many remakes (Ho pimpzon 1932 vs 1978, Rach 3 1941 vs 1978, n otha similar examples) - diz remake harzhly dun quite match da LIB own Inzane ztandard.

ahahahah tho it zeemz da LIB bazically kept hiz SDC zpirit n even zum PURE-RAPE inztinctz!!


da DOC nu comp-zemifinalizt ztylee, i now prefah da LIB 8)

hopefully da inzane price of diz 88 iz partially to pay fo

da LIB endorzement deal tru $$ 8)

REZPEC da IOPA :lib: 8)

hahaha truuuuuuuu

da LIB will recovah hiz inzane precision if he keepz unleazhing

ahahahaha mannnnn we muz remembah da LIB bazically

a 50 yr old mofo 8)

at diz advanced age

any legend iz prone to be

“momentarily confuzed by hiz own FURY” :feztinmofo: :sunglasses:


…said a 50+ years old mofo :blush:

Moments of fury here. Hope he gets back in in good shape… 50 still 5 years younger than tom cruise

Dayum, dat 88 b brilliant, 2 brilliant.
Nice 2 hear Lib in SDC spirits again, been a bit sheeyat lately, tru.


If he’s really playing this a prima vista, he’s a fucking genius.
Not only it sounds quite polished (dezpite zome mizzed notez) but it also makes muzical senze. Who are those morons surrounding him?

I can’t properly listen to this atm, but I did check the first few minutes when zepp posted it and also thought it sounded surprisingly decent. I say this because all “serious” works I’ve heard him play earlier, have been downright embarrassing!

He is uneven however, he always has been. I haven’t heard anything with him I thought was good since around 2001, but you can find concerts where he plays like Eeyore from 1994 as well.

He is a phenomenal sight-reader, but I’m sure he’s heard this piece many times before even if he’s never looked at the score.

ahahah da FURY iz da zecret to eternal youth

zo keep unleazhin, mofo! 8)

i think tiz juz da LIB raw arrogance of refuzin to prax any zong below da difficulty level of lez zay

da GODO pazzacaglizheeyat 8)

Hahaha rezpek!!!


I’m looking forward to the day when the big reveal comes, and da zepp admits his true identity as


Ahahaha FUCK!

Did I already blow ma covah by zemi-endorzin da BZCHOLAH



N den reveal dat da Zepp, Zkep, Trumofo n Candain are in fact

All jus trumofo 8)

Ahaha da iopa! Dere is a double cd of pimp wagnah trannies where I zuzpect he is ziteraping mozt of dem.