Da Libido'z chop shitzo 3

Timing: 7’37

FURY: 8)
Absolutely none whatsoevah until da ending

SPEED: 8)8)8)
Absolutely none whatsoevah until da ending, where he utilizez da SDC SHOCK TACTIC to perfection: Da oct entrance at Nutsack speed followed by an effortless random unleashing. About time too, before i forgot diz iz actually da fuckin LIB playing. In fact, da timing fo da ending FURY iz 0’29, same az da live Shrimp.

Moisture: 8)8)8)8)8)
Datz what da whole interp iz about. and itz pretty fuckin good too.

Comedic Genius: 8)8)8)8)8)8)
basically a wikid POGO parody. plus da fact LIB holdz back on every sinlge oct passage iz just inherently hilarious.

Overall RESPEC Commanded: 8)8)8)8)
A Respec-able attempt to pander to da FURY-dissing criticz.

hahaha, i got dis rec a while ago off hiz site

da same 1 u got?

i was also dissappointed

Yar, da one on hiz site.

I’m not dissapointed tho. diz iz a genuinely wikid performance. 8)

u would 8)

no one beats da Pogo.

hahaha, possibly

hahahahahahaha icicic

what is da timing :stop: for dis rec. i iz workin on di piece now, i wanna compare me

gice da timin for total, and for da begginig of da coda (after da octs) till da low note before da final chords

5 minz

hahaha, you must be thinking 5 metric minutes, i want da american measurements :stop:

3 american minz 8)

datz bettah
8) i assume dis equates to 2 chinese minutes den?

datz rite, n 1 jap min 8)