Da LOLA unleazh a cuntroverzial VOL-TURK

HAHAHAHAH diz re-arrangement!!!

TRU all da hardcore partz r cut, but wut remainz iz ztill a coherent zong, n :timer_clock: worthy of a nic cage movie :sunglasses:

wut zay u mofoz ?

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Well, this was probably a straight-to-instagram release, hence da 1 min limit. One can see Lola is in her prime, glowing from all those extra estrogen injections she could afford back then. :sunglasses:

Also, clearly, Lola knows that the average watch time fo most pornos is… sub 1 min


Instagram da ideal platform fo da SDC wiz diz 1 min limit tech :sunglasses:


I tried to post a 2 fingered K310 first movement exposition one time, but couldn’t quite get the bastard within the time limit.

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Ahahahaha fuckkkkk we need a fuckin BRU SDC debut vid :sunglasses:

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I don’t even have a piano anymore, maybe I should pozt a TM style meltdown vid?

Haha juz go on cam n say hello to uz mofos truuuu

yeah… no. Kinda :skep:
You already know what I look and sound like anyway.

Fair dinkum?

Accent is still in tact, tru. Although I have to admit, I’ve lost the Australianisms because people don’t understand them here.

Damn da horror movie vibe!

haha she still gives me nightmares!

Dat laugh, zhe wuz a bit high - tru?

Yes, I also haff nightmares about ma ex too… I may be a piece of shit bastard but I deserve better den dat or at least - nothing at all . :sunglasses:

Not in this one, maybe we’d had a few drinks though. In the other video I posted once of her she was high. This is from the series ‘da brew’s random attempts to film at night’.

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rezpek da Brew!


da LOLA is a shameless whore. Rezpec! :sunglasses: