Da LongDong has spoken.

Da kritty is also a huge huge fan of da Shrimp.

So, fuck off to yo too, SMD.


da shrimp might be usin a sly tactic man

get ultra famous, den gain complete artistic freedom

DEN he will unleash RANDOM REP!

Da chairman has shown his profound analysis.

dat iz erect

I don’t think da Shrimp will eva do that, he cares nothing about rare-reportire. He cares about his fame and fainting of da female fans as well as da shemale fans like Krit.

Hey, I recognized u, u are the shemale who lifted up your shirt and showed da Shrimp your fake-tits, which u got in Thailand along with your sex-change surgery.

How is your new pussy treating u? Fucked any guy with it yet?



btw smd da AMO (da Asian Mofo Organization) will not forgive u fo dis blatant betrayal 8)

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

u ignorant biatch !!!

If I ever haff a female tit, I would definitely show it to yo granddad first whom I now assume iz in hell masturbating becuz there’s nothing glamorous to look but a female-panda corpse.

da way yo talk about da shrimp in yo previous post is the bastardo’s comment. I wonder which part of yo brain makes u think so. Well, probably yo brain is converted upside down and it’s now located in yo ugly ass. I shud buy a fake dick and put stuff into yo ass sothat yo brain will work 0.01 % more effective than before. Dildo iz yo fav toy, isn’t it.

dis forum’s getting bettah everyday 8)



I think da Doctor should have given u the prescription for your fake PMS after your sex change surgery.

It’s completely understandable that what you are experiencing, the mood swing and all, because you are still a ugly mofo even after the sex change surgery and u failed to seduced da shrimp, but u can proceed and find some lesser-phony pianists to seduce.

judging from da actual pic, u mofo actually look so unbelievalby ugly dat da surgery cant improve any sheeyat, even yo ineffective cock size which I belive is 0.1 cm. long, or, well, it might be so short and tiny that yo mofo need a dayum microscope to see yo own hidden cock.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well, at least I am not the one who wanted his cock to be removed by surgery.


Me and da Krit are just chillin.

We are all COOL~~~

iz u sho?

he told me u haff a tiny maggot dick