hahaha, tru

  • da WHALE
  • da HO
  • da ZIFF
  • da BEAR
  • helene grimaud

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hahahaaha, make yo choice

Eitehr da HO or da orgy. Why the fuck aint see a part of this list?
I will vote for da Ho.

-The Mephisto

ho, definitely

he’s just got the most FURIOUS loudness

Haha, I chose randomly. I chose the wrong one.

HahahahahahhHAHAH, da SCRIB, 2nd only to da JACKO





wtf ^

I concur wit da HO supportahz

Tiz MOFO wus da loudezt… by far:

[size=150]RESPEC 2 DA GAZ [/size]



da mark starr explainz:

"Raymond Lewenthal, whom I knew well, never performed Alkan’s Concerto. He told me that the third movement was beyond his stamina.

Lewenthal also told me that in his youth, he once shared a concert with Ervin Nyiregyhazi in Los Angeles. After the concert, Lewenthal mentioned to EN his interest in the music of Alkan. EN then sat down at the piano (in the empty hall) and played the exposition of the first movement of the Concerto–from memory, at a speed and level of technical perfection that he, Lewenthal, could never dream of matching."


bwt where da FUCK iz da AFRO!??!!?!

HAHAHAHA, DA NYIR winz da title hoff da mozt wikid CG mofo ever lived, az well:

As a little boy, his parents had servants cut his food and place it in his mouth so he could keep his attention on less mundane matters.

Some people claimed he was the literal reincarnation of Liszt.

As an adult, he demonstrated a questionable ability to care for himself.

At times he was so poor (largely through mismanagement of his money) that he was reduced to sleeping on subways.

He was married ten times. Last wife named Doris.

As “Pianist X,” he sometimes wore a leather mask in performance. Pianos would suffer under his onslaught, and the pianos he chose to play on often had as many nervous tics as the pianist did (a parallel with Glenn Gould).

For decades before his recording was made, Nyiregyhazi did not own a piano, or even practice on one.

Perhaps the reader will not be surprised to hear that the two men whom Nyiregyhazi idolized the most were Franz Liszt and Oscar Wilde.


-da Meph

For decades before his recording was made, Nyiregyhazi did not own a piano, or even practice on one.


obviously bullshit … unlykly

The most extraordinary evidence of Lisztian playing arose nearly a century after his death in a most unlikely guise. Ervin Nyiregyhazi, born in Budapest in 1903, became enthralled and obsessed with Liszt. Those who had known the master lauded the teenager as his spiritual heir. But after a series of brilliant debuts and ecstatic reviews of his mesmerizing playing, Nyiregyhazi dropped out of sight. Fifty years and nine marriages later he resurfaced in 1973 in a Los Angeles flophouse. Having barely touched a keyboard in decades, he was coaxed into a recital in a local church, part of which (two Liszt “Legendes”) was taped on a cheap cassette deck. Issued on Desmar LP IPA 111, this is perhaps the most intense performance ever recorded, with a power and a spirituality beyond anything else in the realm of modern experience. Following his rediscovery, Nyiregyhazi went on to became a critical darling and cut several studio albums, but none approached what he had achieved in that one astounding concert in which he resurrected the spirit of Liszt just once in our time.


hahah diz iz beyond even da :rectum:, in mo wayz den one 8)

how cum dat last chick haz such a retarded name?


Finaly da comme graspz da essence.