da LUGY crowning achievement


Q: The climax of your appearances in Nantes was the Third Concerto of Rachmaninoff. What is your assessment of this devilishly difficult work?

I do not consider this concerto to be the most difficult, although learning it was actually quite difficult. But in my case, it happened that I worked at it like it was an emergency, and I learned it in three days. Tatiana Nikolayeva had said to me that there was a possibility of playing it in Scotland in three weeks. I had never played this concerto before, and when I learned it in three days, she did not believe me. And then afterwards it was revealed to me that the planned performance would not be held.

HAHAHAHAHA diz iz da LUGYz favourite story. he tellz it in every intahview 8)


DIZ IZ DA RUDYZ MIZTAKE, he hath no idea how to hype hiz own azz

yep, da RUDY haff da material but dun know how to work dem. da 10/2 in 1 min iz juz much mo imprezzive den da rocky3 in 3 dayz 8)

but den
but fo da LUGY workin 20 yearz on da 10/2 iz still queztionable 8)

HAHAH respec for da lugy. hahah it’s fucked up he didn’t get to perform it.

dat iz evident