da LUGY -God of Moisture

Besidez da fact dat diz mofoz weapon of choice iz da 10/8, da God of Moisture chillz wit da chickz 24/7. az evidenced:


much RESPEC 8)


doc lugy.JPG

Da Lugy’s Rach 1 2nd mov should be the most moistening rec ever. 8)

not a dry panty in da house, i imagine 8)

yeah yeah yeah

keep talking stupid…noones going to understand you anyway

HAHA, your comprehension appears to be da same as that of a polish c 8) amel

yeah, and your mom is fat

a mild reference to girth, something may yet become of you

yeah i have a big fat dick, suck it


we need a valid proof


your avatar is a disgrace to dis forum 8)

step 2: randomness - complete 8)