Da medium Rosemary Brown

Dis she “received” from da Pimp:

Dis from da Chopsticks:

And dis from da Shoe-man:

And dis from da Brotha:

Your thoughts? True or fake?
If she really had contact with these dead composahs and received all this music from them, my conclusion is that they ain’t writing better tunes in heaven, quite da contrary… :wink:

She’s getting deceived by demonic entities which tried to replicate what is divine, but ultimately fail.

Cheap counterfeit however you slice it

haha wtf is this shit?


Haha :slight_smile:
And yet “The Guardian” described her as an “utterly genuine musical medium”.
She was quite famous for penning down that shit and had well known penists play it.
theguardian.com/news/2001/d … obituaries

Fake as hell. If you listen to her various “transmissions” you will definitely hear stylistic incongruities.

The “Grübelei” is in itself an interesting piece but sounds more like fake Scriabin.

This has a distinct

Joyce Hatto vibe :hatto:


da JEZUZ walkin on da wavez

tiz zoundz lyk a compo da ZKEPTO wud write…

by puttin da PIMP LEGEND#2 zcore thru zum tenzor tranzformation BZ

den projectin da rezultz onto a topological zpace of GHEYNEZZ :sunglasses:

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Man, Diz sheeyat is sub :hatto:

At least da sped up Hattoized recs sounded better den da original.


Since this lady is dead does that mean somebody can channel her channeling people. Maybe notate for hatto performance!

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da zkepto haz had piecez played at da ZTOCKY Feztival-Verlag, prolly duznt comport wiz diz drivel

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