da Met to Investigate Levine Over Sexual Abuse Accusationz

nytimes.com/2017/12/02/arts … opera.html

I bet thiz will just be a coverup rather than a serious investigation.
Everyone’s heard about hiz penchant for young boyz. :plate:

is there anyone in the music business who is not a tranny or pedo?


Btw how many of those young boys are now in the Met orchestra? 8)

And anotha condfuckah can’t keep his hands n cock to himself:

yahoo.com/news/ap-exclusive … 33784.html

Tru, also I don’t know if your Mum works at ABT but Marcelo Gomes just resigned all of a sudden over some sexual misconduct which apparently occurred 8 years ago.
There hasn’t been any info about what he’s alleged to have done, but people like Julie Kent, Diana Vishneva and Alexei Ratmansky have already come out in support of him.
He’s a great dancer, and it will be a huge loss to ABT (and ballet in general).

She plays there tru, pretty much every ballet school in NYC wants her to play.

Man. What’s up with all the sexual miss cunt-duct?

I love this new term “sexual misconduct.” Soon looking at a woman for more than a second will be considered “sexual misconduct.”

It’s all about “intent”, as far as I know from my Title IX university meetings.

They can misinterpret your “intent” in any action, and, you can be reprinanded.

At least I have an air-tight defense - I ONLY like trannies.

Haha. Well let’s hope your tranny radar doesn’t malfunction.

Universities can get insane.
Sometimes, just a random accusation of rape can get male students expelled. Most universities exist on private funding so they set any rules they want.

I know a chick that got beat up HARD by her BF at the J.
School did not want to get the police involved and covered up that shit.
Btw, he beat her up because he had a bad day at the prescreening recording session.

But I guess if you’re insensitive to someone’s gender identity, you get reprimanded.

Haha considering he has called everyone from Yuja Wang, to Gal Gadot, to VBM, to my ex girlfriend a tranny (basically every chick I’ve ever mentioned finding attractive), it’s safe to say his trannydar iz broken beyond repair.

Yeah man. It kind of needs updating 8)

Haha da salcaious brew! Yo ex iz a tranny??


Was it this fine tranny piece?


He/She teaching at Temple I think now.

Woh, diz one.

Suspiciously high T respek


According to da TM.

Not that attractive, unfortunately. :zhreddah:

tru, I’d stay away from dat one 8)