da moiztenedwitch in a quazi fakerudy moment

ahahah da central fury tru 8)

wut vil da jake zay :dong:


I think this is from the Arbiter release with the live recitals from 1954-1960. So very near the end of his career. Memory issues / lapses / sloppiness, sure. But the musicianship, gorgeous phrasing, sense of harmony, and wonderful drama is still all there even though his fingers were now less reliable. In my opinion, a really effective concert performance despite the issues.

yeah, I once heard an earlier recording of this scherzo by Moiseiwitsch, and I did not like it that much, despite probably better technique

Agree with you totally. though, to be honest, I don’t like this Scherzo all that much to begin with!

I like it; but in general I find the Chop Ballades even more beautiful than the Scherzi

hahahahaa fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
:chop: : :lib:

hahhaa i vil lizten now but lykly…won’t notice nezheeyat wrong wit it :chop: 8)