Da Most Popular Piano Cuntcerto

Pick which Cuncertos yo have played out of this generally mozt played lizt. From whence the most picked shall be labelled the most popular SDC Cuncerto and moreover, the best cuncerto.

Edit: Dang ztill a limit on the poll options!

  • Zart 20 dmin
  • Zart 23 Amaj
  • Brotha 1
  • Brotha 3
  • Brotha 4
  • Brotha 5
  • Mendy 1
  • Chop 1
  • Chop 2
  • Zhoe
  • Pimp 1
  • Pimp 2
  • Grieg
  • Brahms 1
  • Brahms 2
  • Ravel G
  • Rock 2
  • Rock 3
  • Rock Pog
  • Prick 3

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If it’s only concerti we’ve played it’s gonna be a small number of votes. I only ever learnt two, Rachmaninoff F-sharp minor (not on the list), and Chopin F minor, neither of which I ever played with an orchestra. Learning concerti was a waste of time.

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Yeh but such is the bs of these lists.
Just curious if the so called overplayed concerti really are overplayed. (Amongst a small online community of which most people aren’t professional penists)

Jebus, who’s played both Brahms and all the Brotha?

How come Brahms doesn’t have a nickname?


You forgot the real winner :wink:

The only concerto I’ve played (most of anyway) is the Ravel D major, which harshly isn’t listed, so I can’t vote.

But in a broader perspective I’ve got enough stats to answer the question semi-scientifically. Normalized to a scale 0-100, these are the most popular pf+orch works according to my cat.


LvB-5 - 100
Tchai-1 - 97
LvB-4 - 92
Rach 3 - 88
LvB-3 - 82
Schumann - 82
Brahms 2 - 76
Brahms 1 - 70
LvB-1 - 64
Pimp-1 - 59
Chop-1 - 57
Moz-20 - 52
Rach-2 - 52
Chop-2 - 47
Prok-3 - 45
Grieg - 43
LvB-2 - 42
Pimp-2 - 40
Moz-23 - 36
Moz-24 - 36
Moz-27 - 35
Prok-2 - 34
Rav G - 33
Rock Rap Pagan - 29
Moz-21 - 25
Moz-9 - 23
Moz-25 - 22
Pimp-Tot - 20
Prok-1 - 19
Moz-17 - 18
Bach-1 - 17
Rach-1 - 16
Mend-1 - 14
Moz-22 - 14
Prok-5 - 14
Tchai-2 - 13
Rav D - 12
Moz-19 - 12

(normalization - with this choice the numbers can be seen as percent of the winner if you like. The Tchai-1 is played 97% as often as the Emperor, the Schumann 82% as often as the Emperor, etc).

Surprised by the result tbh.

So, I chose to learn a concerto that was even less popular than the Tchaik 2? Daim!

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Hmm. I’ve half learnt the Liapunov 2 :laughing: I don’t think making an arse of the brotha/kan 3rd transcription counts as learning a movement of 3, or does it?

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Actually no! I had forgotten to include it. This and the Prok-1, Prok-5 also added now.

Didn’t change much with respect to the Tchai-2 though. :slight_smile:

I’m not even sure I’ve heard the Liap-2! Is it safe to assume you recommend it? Or did you have to do it for a gig?

I’m surprised to see the Beethoven C major so high on the list. I mean, I love it and would’ve probably learnt it eventually, but it never struck me as being that popular? I can’t even think of any really famous versions of it (usually, it’s just recorded as part of a complete cycle).

Learnt it for a two piano thing, but something else happened…

I think it’s lovely, lush romanticism.


Daim I forgot the tchaik! Wow! :cucumber:
So what’s the basis of that list?
Live performance or CD recordings? Or both?

This was fun actually, I’m very surprised by the outcome as well. I would never have guessed that the Emperor would come out on top, and that the Rach-3 is only 4th place. Schumann also much higher than expected. And rezpek da brotha who’s got 3 entries in the top 5 positions.

I created it from my list of recordings, which has both studio and live recs. It covers 16 638 entries (concerts or sessions) 1889-2018 with 236 Emperors in the lead here, so it’s a reasonably hi-res ranking, even though it certainly has some bias and error sources. I love the Rach-3, Zarts etc for instance which are hence perhaps a bit overrepresented, while I’m not crazy about the Tchai-1, Prok-3, Schumann etc - or the Emperor - so these would if anything be a little underrepresented. But I’m enough of a collector to make these effects small.

This was lovely indeed. Very Liszt-1 there in the beginning (and Liszt-2 in much of the rest). Good pianist too, who I’ve randomly never even heard of.

ahahahah da MIIKEY make a SDC conc lizt

but randomly forget da T1 n Prick2 :sunglasses:

tchaik yes, prick I couldnt fit coz the poll limits to 20.
plus, has anyone/can anyone here play it?

Haha, in my student years I practised 3 cuntcertos that are not on your liszt: Rach 1, Prok 1 and Bartok 3