Da Mozt Pianiztic and Leazt Pianiztic Piano Compozerz/piecez

Not zo much about difficulty…but about da craft wiz chich a compozer arrangez hiz muzik fo da 88

Chopin & Medtner = top

Brahmz & Zchubert = bottom

Pozzibly :lib:


:pimp: obviously top.
:nigga: low down.

I don’t find da chop very peniztic tbh, look at sheeyatz like da allegro de cuntzert.

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Rectum - top :rectum:
Ho - bottom :ho:


Clearly :rectum: is bottom :dong:


Chopin is written fo da piano n it is pianistic in da sense dat most of da writing is not evocative of instrumental colors. The sonorities are picked to sound most pleasant - register by register

Often, dere is only one valid fingering solution and it requires thinking beyond the solutions we find in standard rep

Randomly, working on a ton of Chopin - diz mofo is my top 3 fave EvAH
BUT. I wus not want his music emoted thru by an average wealthy schoolgirl Conservatory student

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To clarify, by unpeniztic I mean doesn’t sit easily undah da hand. And usually his “patterns” require a lot more memorisation than da pimp’z.


Tru, da Chop writing is stretchy n juz… unique.
Wuz in comfortable fo his flexible hands? Hu knows

Tru, da memory takes effort as the changes with each repetition are subtle enough that they’re not easily grasped by da ear. Fuck.


Now dat I iz learning a ton of Chop works from scratch fo Feb 22 (if I pass to Miami Chop comp):

Concerto 2
Nocturne in B major (op 32)
Scherzo 2
Waltz in A-flat op 42
Fantasie op 49
Mazurka op 59 no 3

and bringing back/maintaining
Sonata No 2
Chopets 25/10 & 11
Nocturne in E op 62 No 1
Ballade 1
Mazurkas op 59 nos 1 & 2

Plus da learning da Etudes Op 10 No 10 & 12 fo da big Chop comp

Well, I haff a Rezpek fo Chop. Insanely innovative harmonies.

And tru, 9 weeks. I can do it.
Miami prescreen results in early January, so I haff to learn this stuff ahead of tym in case I pass.
All super standard too.

@da_zepp I dun even haff da score to da Chop conc 2 yet :dong:


Usually Dvorak concerto and Strauss come up for fucked piano writing tho the burlesque is pretty badass.

KAN Zymph - lezz penizdick

KAN Certo - mo penizdick

Ffs. A lot of work.

It’s ok. Dissertation is done. When I’m not at work, I’ll be at da 88.

Need to memorize one large scale work per week. And 3 weeks on the concerto

I’m fine. It’s Chopin, not Prokofiev or worse lmao


Burleske is fine. Zurprisingly aside from da zon which I dun like much, his piano writing is effective.

Dvorak’s piano chamber music is generally good too. It’s the concerto that requires 2 left hands to play.

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I know that Leslie Howard claimed the Dvořák concerto to be the hardest work, claiming that it was written for two right hands.

But here’s the thing. I’ve played through the Dvořák Piano Concerto, both versions, and it’s not the hardest, nor even among the hardest concerti. In terms of writing it is very classical, and in difficulty the closest comparisons would be the Mendelssohn concerti or Saint-Saens. It is really not that bad at all, very light and pianistic writing.

It seems crazy but a quick read-through of your own will confirm my assertions.

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Stephen Hough too I think.

I don’t know, I’ve never tried it.

Az far az non-pianiztic I dink we kan all agree dat XENAKIZ iz not cuntfortable fo da fingaz

Ahahah zince when wuz da LEZBO cuntzidahed an authority on difficulty? :sunglasses:


Define difficulty? If da zepp can rape hiz way though zum kan, iz it ztill cunzidered difficult?

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Ahahahah fuckkkkkk randomly diz lyn:

Da zepp brain inztantly cuntjure up zum ztunninly

HEROIC imagery :sunglasses: