da MT dizcuzz da chopetz wiz da GUZTAV


da MT cummah fo an in-depth dizcuzzion. howevah, da GUZTAV only want to dizcuzz da ORGIE chopcomp 10/1.

naturally da MT end da dizcuzzion lyk a TRU COCK:

“Mei-ting even remarked that with this special technique, Chopin’s Opus 10 nr. 1 becomes the easiest etude!”

:chop: :stop: 8)

true b/c da MT fucked up a few chords of 10-1 in da chop compet. no doubt, he claims it’s da easiest etude. And for him, 10-3 shud b da hardest because he missed da whole bar in da 2nd page.

I fuckin hate dat stupid talk when people pretend dey got like sum secret way to complete mastery of piano tech. n when dey iz asked bout diz dey are of course very vague. If it were simple like dat dick claims then how cum loads of other penizts ain’t found it out?

Horowitz iz on yo zide !
(10-1, 10-2, 10-7 & 25-6)



I hate MT. He randomly haz mo ego dan all da othah penizez combined.

LOOK AT ME!! I <3 attention! If you don’t know who I am, den let me tell you, I AM GOD!!!

Fuckin bitch.

hahahaha da sdc censorship committee shud check if diz iz legal material :stop: