Da neglected SD chopet 25/2

da penis woman enlightened me upon da true SD potential of dis mini mofo. Curiously, Da SOCK who has one of da most insane techs eva, disgraces himself here. He doesn’t even try, instead choosing to turn it into moist heaven.

So what r yo opinions. Does it demand an AFAP interp?

discuss 8)

da ziff was da purveyor of SD in dis piece - he paved da way for da non-penis penis.

dis can go eitha way, if da house is full of chix, play slow - fo da nookie.
if da house is full of mofos - AFAP is DE LAW 8)

Dreyschock holds the title of this piece, right?

hahaha, no.

liszt was da one who played it in octs.

and da libetta has da recorded fastest 25/2 godowsky octs version.


This is the one and only chopet I’ve evah learned. Hilariouzly, I’ve neglected this chopet; my only tru claim to SDnezz.

I often pictured this piece as a leaf travelling in the wind. The only name for it I’ve heard is “Les Abeilles”, but since Rimsy-Korsokov practically ownz all the bee references, I believe this would be aptly titled: “Feuille du Vent”. :comme:

The combo of fury and moiztnezz makez this one of my faves.


hahahahahah i randomly dizcovahed an insane BARACUDA rec of diz. check da lazt track:



hahaha, dayum, when i saw dat wuz only 60 sec long, i thought he wuz goin for a new rec, but nope, just an excerpt