Da NEPHI Program Needs Sum Zl*w

Hahahaha. Da Neph is back.

After over a year of not being able to play for medical reasons, I’ve gotten back to work hard since July, and I’ve gotten my tech back up to speed.

I start studies with Dr. Ehlen at UIUC in January.

In the meantime, I’ve been putting tru rep, consisting of
Liszt Tranzets 1,2,4,8
Chopin F Major Ballade
Brahms 116.
Beethoven Op. 7 (First two movements)
Bach A few Chorale Preludes

I want to make a recital program to aim for in May or the end of summer, roughly:

Tranzets 1,2,4,8

(Classical piece - like a sonata. Something lighter and more refined than the rest of the program.)

– Intermission –

Brahms Op. 116

Any suggestions of good piece to fill the gap, both in terms of time and style, between the sets of pieces.

Rezpec for all yo :stop: ,

Da Nephi

rezpec fo ur vengeful recovarhin~

Fugues and moooo fugues , then a fugue as an encore 8)