Da New gold standard

Of jiggly boobs

I don’t wanna have to listen to this shit, got timings for da highlights ?

Playing is pretty damn good.
I wonder how she sounds like live and unedited


da openah FURY iz a 10/10 interp

da 2nd half tho a bit :dong: alzo no oct-glizz, dizrezpec 8)

ahahahah randomly da TE10 iz her bezt ovahall perf, diz a RECTUM ztylee gensui zheeyat, but clean :sunglasses:

TRU add diz chick to da WEIMAH bookiez, da zepp vil put 15 ziffro on her if oddz r above 10,000 to 1 :sunglasses:

ahahah randomly da zepp already tube-commented on her TE10 11 month ago :stop: 8)

Personally, I thought a bit lacking in fury but very clean (and fast).

Jiggling at it’s finest in the opening minute.

She’s got damn good… fingers. :doc:

FF pretty impressive too.


Correction: it

Haha da zepp track record to find WIKID perfs a bit unmatched

This is damn impressive:

How do you memorize something like that? :-/

I thought I recognized her name. I have a friend who studies violin with her husband!

How do you learn something like that by ear after listening to it - quote - “a couple of times”?

She’s used to it, it seems.
It’s actually easier to learn this by ear than you’d think (assuming she slowed down the recording) because it’s mostly scalar passages.
She’s got phenomenal fingers. :doc:

Damn ! Deep speed fury !!