Da NEXT GEN chineze peniztz :dong:

In 2005 with da :dong: + zhrimp hype dey zaid dere were 40 million children
learning da 88 :plate_with_cutlery:

da WANGAH cummah a few yearz aftah, I put her in da :shrimp:/:dong: generation

now diz 2005 children zhud be in deir 20’z and at da peak of dere tech ? :lib:

hu n where are dey ?

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I hear about various brilliant Chinese pianists quite often, but the ones I’ve listened to myself have failed to stand out IMO. Gary Graffman took Wei Luo under his wing a number of years ago who promised to be the next big thing, and when he let her out for a solo recital in 2016 half of New York was there. More recently I heard about another Wang whose given name I can’t recall - she appeared in the Hamamatsu last year as well - but I don’t particularly remember her playing, either.

All of these have been teenagers when I heard them. Maybe they just need more time…

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da zepp actually believe tiz very lykly dat

dey iz ALL a bit zheeyat :sunglasses:

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or maybe da x is getting senile :mage:

Apparently da TRU genzui now in da

Tonyland :sunglasses:

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or da KIM land

ahahahha pozz

da zepp himzelf clearly prefah da RAPE FORCE of da HJ zeppette to da priztine powah of da YUJA :sunglasses:

Da 31 year old Toniette vs daHui

Da TM sure made da wrong choice :tm:

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a MART theory iz pozz da rizing living ztandardz made dem az lazy az da wezternah ? :money_with_wings: :sunglasses:

but diz dun explain da TONYLAND zheeyat :sunglasses:


Da Comme theory iz zum cazual racizm

A penizt can only becummah BIG if dey can becummah a brand

Azn mofoz to weztahnahz harzhly ‘all blend into one’

Wiz da clazzic weztern BZ - ‘dey all look da zame’

cummah da ‘dey all zound da zame’

Tru dey on average will have brought da global tech ztandard UP

But to da public dey becummah zo intahchangable n expendable

Da weztahn brain alzo find it hard to memorize deze ‘inzane foreign namez’



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There’s some truth to the name thing. Remember that chick from the pimp comp who played da DJ at age 16? Her name was Zhang Zuo. Last year one of my friends heard her in da Suisse and she had becummah Zee Zee (diz shameful americanization).


Did yo friend azk her to ‘gimme all yo lovin’ :tm:

True, I’m hopeless with Asian names - it’s only now the last few months I’ve managed to recall Seong-Jin Cho without googling - but that doesn’t mean I also won’t remember their playing. I guess I’m looking for strong personalities with something to say, or at least stand out craftsmen, but the ones I’ve listened to after Lang & Wang have been fairly forgettable (if by no means bad).

His name I can remember, but I always need to check the spelling of Yeol Eum Son.

I’ve always remembered the name of Haochen Zhang because I love his playing much more than LL’s.
My experience is that no mattah how difficult da name, I’ll remember it if the playing is really worthwhile.


fuckkkk :bee:

haha tru da customahz brain haff only 2 zlotz availalble fo aznz
1 fo male, 1 female :tm:

my advice to an upcomin mofo wud be to find a ztrong diztinctive featchah

lyk a mohawk :rectum:


Håvard Gimse said:

  1. Racism/prejudice
  2. Names. The most famous chinese pianists are named Lang Lang, Yuja Wang and Yundi Li …


The best ones so far have been Lang & Wang.

She got a prize in da leeds tru, a few years ago