Da NOR maketh a cuntroverzial claim regardin HARDEZT PIMP zong


randomly informed da zepp dat

da hardezt PIMP zong evah iz in fact:

da GALOP in A minah :sunglasses:

mildly wtf


hahhahha whut abot thiz clazzc? :pimp:

ahahahah datz rite da TRU-CAMPY fo zhor a cuntendah


az well az otha early TE/PAGET editionz, da #4 2nd verzion if i correctly undahztand da PIMP intentionz, u iz to make yo bezt zpazz-rape effortz to match da original violin tempo :stopwatch:

but da NOR claim dezerve itz own topic fo da raw fact dat:

da zepp nevah even heard of diz fuckin piece :sunglasses:

True never heard about this song

It was literally 20 years ago I played it through, but I don’t remember it being that hideous? It’s a startling piece though, and one Howard is actually quite passable in as well from what I recall.

Da hardezt PIMP fo da brain iz zhorly da brotha9

Fo da fingaz da random early pagetz

Haha da CUNT BANDIT has a few zpotz dat be hard az fuck on a heavy 88 actionah!

Damn, at 50+ moi iz still zurprized by da :pimp: output.
Nevah evah heard zis zong be4. Good ztuff!

I was learning da fucker fo da 2017 pimp comp… but did not pazz da zelection :sunglasses:

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Tanned Ho
TEz 4 n 5
Berlioz Symphony Fucktasdick tranny

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TE2 1837 is a complete fucker on preliminary evalz.

Sumone I know haff played da MALDICKSHEEYAT n said it was really nasty.

I can testify from own experience that it’s a complete fucker in its revised version as well :japanese_goblin:

Is the 1837 that much harder though? I might be misremembering, but my memory is that the cut portions weren’t that horrendous in this particular study - at least not compared to what he left in.

My feeling is that it’s appreciably harder. I’ll maybe check sometime when I feel like doing something especially futile. :wink:

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Hardezt zheeyat obviouzly da 9th zymph tranz :Kat:

Ahhhh, I had forgotten he had changed the writing of the theme. True that does look fun. :japanese_goblin:

Also things like the runs in bar 14 - you won’t get something that complicated to play swiftly and smoothly. As usual Liszt’s revisions are both easier to play and sound better as well.

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ahahahaha da FATMOFO haff already produced a hily legendary ZITERAPE VID of da GE2

here da zepp vil juz demo da moz WORTHWHILE key zect :sunglasses:

TRU da wikid lookin 2-15 fake-oct zectz cut from da revizion actually a very penizdick move n provide negligible obztacle to ziterape. but DIZ KEY ZECT need zum prax to rezpond effectively to da RAPE approach :sunglasses:


Hahaha diz WIKID unleash!!!

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diz bazically look lyk a 10/2 attempt to rape in 10 zecz :sunglasses:

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