da nor - rach etudes

op.39no.7 sendspace.com/file/wplt76

op.39no.9 sendspace.com/file/oeslw3

bonus: [dasdc.net/t/chopin-noct-op-48-no-1-da-nor/7526/1)
chopin noct harshly ignored

:comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

ahahahahha thiz 39/9 iz wikid! rezpec yo zouthamerican interp :whale:


OOO respec

hahaaha these r pretty sick dude i luv tha 39/9 its a pretty chillz remake hahahaha u kno :fury: intense

hahaha, n i do not kno

hahahhahahhaa da LEE clazzic ability to instantly fill a thread with wtfness 8)

is that trumofo in the gif image? :confused: :confused:


and diz still somehow bettah than da MT chop comp resultz 8)