hahaha, while randomly surfin on amazon i noticed a link sayin dis -

Read our interview with the extraordinary pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin.

NATURALLY - da comme clicked it - and found DIS -

amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/fe … 76-6234238

HAHAHAHA, im about to read dis rite now

hahahahaa, im readin dis and already itz shapin up to be a classic -

The composers for whom he is such an eloquent advocate require an immense virtuosity

hahaha, DATS RITE 8)

‘there’s a portion of the audience that seems to see piano as belonging to the Olympics’

HAHAHAHAHA, da doc haz evidently herd about da SDC 8)

‘Do you think that I enjoy making tremendous efforts on stage and being reduced to a puddle of sweat?’

hahahahahahahaaha, yes 8)

hahahaha da whale reference


da doc learnt from da spontanious ejaculatory combustionz of da whale 8)

The sign of a true mofo: the use of the word "criteria’ in singular form. :smiley:

hahahahahaha, da subtlety