Da nu Friedrice alt take:

Vladimir N. Drozdoff? Never heard of him…

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Pianist n composer.

Hiz grandaughter runs a society n concert management in NYC. She’s approached me in the past but I’ve never auditioned fo dat:


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I wondah if it is indeed an alt take of da Chop Ab majah waltzah?

Probably the same as Volume 5 on Naxos?

No, he says it is a different take…


Who cares? I don’t understand how people can get excited about an alt take.


With Friedman… we have to beat off over scraps n alt takes because his cunt wife erased his real legacy

Well, it is a new Friedman recording… only that the rep isn’t new.

He’s on my list, but Drozdov mostly studied with Esipova. He just had some classes with L. later on.

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Big deal. I might care if it were a major work, but for a Chopin waltz? Nope.

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A new take, tru?

Friedman really got poorly represented by the Colombia records assholes.