Da Official Quiz Thread

Speaking of another quiz, here’s a hopefully easier quiz.
Longer excerpts (only a few short ones where I think(?) it should be obvious).
All mainstream composers. All piano. All Scherzi.

And Comme - Click the cog wheel and hide details to use spoiler.


Ok :sunglasses:

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1 Bach
2 Mendy E minah
3 Zhoe 1ztzon
4 Bra zon
9 zcrib zhitzo
12 - KAN

N da rezt I can make guezzez bazed upon ztylez but dem I know fo zhor

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Tru except no.4.

Hahah fuck da 4 fucked


Pimp zhitzo n march

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First ideas:


No. 1 - Sounds like Spanish/French baroque music. Didn’t know they had scherzos in the baroque era. Scarlatti?
No. 2 -
No. 3 - Schumann sonata no. 1 opus 11 3rd mvt
No. 4 - How can this be someone else than Alkan???
No. 5 - Barber piano sonata 2nd mvt
No. 6 -
No. 7 -
No. 8 -
No. 9 - Scriabin opus. 46
No. 12 - Alkan, but I don’t know the piece

Tru except 4 and 1.

Some guesses


No. 1 - Bach (I have no idea which piece then)
No. 2 - Mendelssohn
No. 6 - Gottschalk
No. 8 - Antheil
No. 10 - Mosolov or Libermann (!)


no time for this today

I guess Chop scherzs, Liszt scherz/march and Alkan scherz fuccozo on all :pimp:

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Hahaha diz random zcattahzhot approach randomly hit tru on 2

randomly no Chop zhitzoz :sob:

I’m avoiding obvious, so no :chop: :nigga:.

Tru, 1&2

u can drag n drop zound filez in da sdc lyk diz

:robot: :stopwatch:

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Haha :zcholah:

It’s not allowing me. Not accepting m4a files. Do I need to cunvert?

Damn it’s working!


I don’t know 6, 8 and 11

What was the file format?


AHAHAHAHA diz neglected clazzik

much bettah den da ovahplayed TOK :sunglasses:

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