da old trumofo chop 10-4 n 25-2 from 2008 cummah!

DA TM ha da legendaire convo wiz da ZEPP HIMZELF today n wuz inzpired to pozt zum old zheeyeat! HAHAHAH DIZ CLAZZIC 8)

recorded on ma Yamaha c3 before it got all fucked like it is now 8)

tru, I still played like an amateur back den but piano wuz way more “fun”. Juz sit n rape!
wizout listening to what cumz out 8) daim.

vintage trumofo unleazhes 2 chopetz

maybe I’ll bring these mofos back n add ghey sheeyat like dynamics 8)

and yes, 90% of the articulation is the pristine yamaha, and da close mic placement (recorded on ma minidisc hahaha)

damn. I should have gotten my ex to buy me a new Yamaha C3 as wedding gift before leaving 8)

To marry that mole I’d not accept less than a Steinway D and the mansion to house it in. 8)


I would.

hahahahahaah tha Brew


da Brew iz a legend.

AHAHAH FUCK da linkz randomly dun work fo moi. Re-ul dem to da TUBE TRU!! I recall an inzanely GENSUI TRUMOFO 10/4 vid wiz EPIC IMPRO ENDIN from da SDC clazzical era :sunglasses:


By dynamics I mean:

F, FF, pure rape 8)