Da OLGHA DaKERNAH lezzon cummah at ma zchool aiiite

At ma School

Jeez. Diz wood haff been da TM first teachah choice, zhe JUZ joined da faculty.


Ok, dis juz so wikid.

Oh man. Diz!


I can’t say much more as she is part of da faculty.

Windows must remain CLOSED
Hair must remain BLOND

Diz sect of da forum is searchable by google.

I can’t say sheeyat.

Dats some very fine teaching from Ms Kernahaha and we are blessed to have an artist of her caliber on our faculty!


Edit: all names changed to fuck off da google cunt search illuminati crawlah

What’s the point of a 5 minute “lesson”?


Tube n facesheeyat demo.
Already 4 mins too long fo da average clickah

She recorded each movt separately

Holy shit da kernah a hot MILF.
Dat azn chick? 4/10.

blonde and asian is usually a bad combo.


Plays 40x bettah den ma ex.
I will add her on ma facezheeyat.

Rezpek da Kernah n ma school tru.
Also, da TM def not cyber sexually harassing any ov da MSM chix, no sir.
Da MSM is da greatest nyc school


Luckily da :tm: profile pic da ultimate covah :KGB:

Edit: dat chick already on ma facezheeyat.

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AHAHAHAHAHA dat azn chick iz randomly at leazt 8/10 :sunglasses:

da OLG i alwayz thought wuz a bit chubby in her perf vidz, pozz zhe lozt zum weight recently?! :lib:

Man what a

Talented woman :sunglasses:
Ok I will trust da zepp judgement on da azn.

haha her first student a tranny. Welcome to da USA.

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Nice find. I don’t really like da firzt mvmt this, but da second iz pure love making and da third kan pozzzibly be da pure definitiion of RAPE. I iz obviouzly partial to da HO. BUT a few winterz ago da Doc wuz scheduled to perf around da corner from my apartment in Maine…it was harzhly cancelled because of a completely absurd snowsttorm (we call them a nor’easter in dat part of da world) but da Doc wuz gracious enough to reschedule fo da next weekend becuz he live right down da 95 in Boston. Da firzt part of da prog wuz Ravel, wikid fo sho. Dat rach zon mvmt 3 tho wuz pozzibly mozt inzane fingah work I evah saw personally tho. Dat wuz pozzibly 2011ish

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Damn I did not even notice! :sunglasses:

It’s hard to tell what sort of teacher she is from this short clip. In general, I don’t like teachers who say “do this here” and “do that there”. A student should be able to work out their own interp at this level.

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Da Bru once again zhowin hiz laughably inept mzgr game…