Da pianopear Clawed DePussy General Lavine

Amateur homey recording :wink:


Commented right on there from ma official accunt 8)

Massive rezpek dude

Thanks mate. Just watched your Mephisto from Utrecht - damn why didn’t you win da f*cking competition?

My Mannes teacher was in the jury. His vote was not counted because of that. Other mofos gave me a lower score.

A few people who studied privately with my Mannes teacher (no names) did in fact advance, and he was able to vote for them because they was “unofficial” students. Wtf.
Anyway, after dat I really was disillusioned wiz all diz comp bs…

My playing wasn’t particularly good that day anyway…not clean enough I suppose. But I did pretty much get screwed, and had I known these rules ahead of time - I would not have applied tru.

I really believe that even if I played like a fuckin god dat day, I still had no chance of advancing with those fucked rules.

Ztill gonna pound out these comps until I hit da age limit. 8)
My backup plan is:

Lawsuits and Youtube 8)

Ok, back to depussy!

Liszten to diz rec u mofos 8)
All joking aside, it can pass for a golden age zheeyat!

ahahahaha diz random prel!! REZPEC da RANDOM ATTACKZ demoztratin yo zumwut FURIOUZ conception of diz cg zong 8)

tru depuzzy iz generally wikid

unlezz u iz da ZKEPTO :sunglasses:

wut? da zkep fav General Lavine tiz da :ho:

Yeah man. Needz a lot of dynamic cuntrasts. Sudden FF shockers - actually quite a modern piece with itz jazzy humor.
Also not so easy to play because of da distribuzion of notes. I use da zoztenuto pedal for spezial effect.

Unexpectedly funky! Nice playing, rezpek!

Thanks. I enjoy your playing, too!

This is good, rezpec!

Thanks Brew.