Da pianopera Liszt attempts from da past

In da 21st century, da Gaspard is now overplayed 8)

So is da Petruzhka.

Fuckkkkkk da Waldo is from 1989!!!

Da TRUMOFO wuz not even born den. :blush:

Yeah man, I could be your father but fortunately I’m not, haha :whale:

Well you went there so da TRUMOFO is obliged to respond with style:

Tru, u is not mah fatha but u still cud be ma daddy 8) :tm:

But tru, Rezpek Diz Liszt marathon. You shud check out sum of his more mofo later works tru.

If I could still play I’d do the Via Crucis.
That sheeyat is awesome.

Via Crusis, really? I should explore that work, didn’t know there was also version with piano.

One of the pieces I love most is Liszt’s “Les jeux d’eau”, I’ve been working on it a few times now and one day I’ll record it. It’s really magnificent. Mikhail, zis would be a great piece for you too I guess to include in your repertoire lis(z)t.

I looked at Da Judo but decided not to learn it for now.