Da pianopera Liszt attempts from da past

Just to show the mofos that I don’t only write arrogant cumments, I also play da 88 a bit.

Good ztuff. Poss experiment with pedal in the alt octs sections of the Glinka/Liszt: it sounds a bit brittle without. My experience is that alt octs never sound on recordings like you think they do when you’re playing them.

You’re right, it needs more pedal especially with those acoustics.

Yeah, it’s just a matter of giving them more ‘body’. Must say I really did enjoy the Waldesrauschen in particular.

Thanks - I was kind of nervous during that occasion because it was the day of my final examination :wink: Fucked up a couple of places.

Damn! Rezpek da Waldezrauchen! A bit classic!

Also, was dat recorded on VHS tape? Damn! 8)

Yes I think so, not sure who delivered it.
Da Spoz was filmed by some random pupil who fucked up the dynamics - which is a pity 'cause I tried to play it with a lot of contrasts.

Tru, I hate how most camera’s, phones, etc, have auto levels, compressing dynamics to some extent.

I mean, 720p built in HD vid but a shitty mic and sound encoding.

Da modern iPhone still not quite suited to recording.
Apparently video improvements are most important to the average user.

You definitely need to record sound separately if you wanna make it somewhat professional.
You can’t just rely on the camera’s microphone.

Yeah, damn.

Still better den an acoustic recording before 1920 8)

That’s already too complicated pour moi - also too expensive. And even then the results are almost never completely satisfying. But you’re right.

It doesn’t have to be; at school they’d just set up a zoom 4HN on a stand next to the piano and that’s the sound source.
Then you just have to sync it when you edit the video.

Is that difficult to do for someone with only so so computer skills? You need special software for that?[/code]


da 88opera penizdick zkillz

actually quite rezpecable 8)

da zingin tone in da TE10, a bit refrezhin tru :sunglasses:

n rezpec da WALDO, a gud perf of one of da gheyezt etz evah written tru :sunglasses:

I don’t think so.
Just normal video editing software should work.

Trying to get back to my old level or surpass that after years of da 88 neglect.
Zat iz no eazy tazk.

Hahaha I think da PIMP WALDO (aka forezt fuckah) is actually a wikid zong.
Da RAV zemi ripped Diz off wiz da Ondine 8)

But man, Ondine is MUCH more difficult to play well…

Tru! GUD m*zic tho 8)
I never attempted it, zumhow da TRUMOFO balls gravitate towards Bach, Beethoven, Liszt and JAV most of all 8)

As great as much of his music is, I never felt Ravel was worth the pain.
I was all about calorie-efficiency. :comme: