da zepp currently tryin to familiarize himzelf wiz diz rathah inzane area of da 88 rep, uzin da KAT zupah-reference recz obviouzly

mannnn zum of diz zheeyat, juz!!!

random eg, da eroica finale:

from 44’40-46’30

fuckkkkkkkk da PIMP finally reach KANCERTO level gensui wiz da help of da BROTHA :sunglasses:

Tru, this is wikid sheeyat. And rep that da Kat excels in.
I remember da e60 had an idea of mixing movements from various of these trannies in one recital. I can’t remember which ones though.

fuckkkkkkkkk ok zo apparently da KAT alzo added zum of hiz own GENSUI in dat zect. da vid cummah, fuckkkkkk pozz even mo legendary!!!


ahahahah diz idea az innovative az da LUBE arpz :sunglasses:

da zepp haff cuntzidahed da 5-1 7-2 n 9-2 triple combo, bazically a bit obviouz :sunglasses:

I used to put my ipod on shuffle, play the end of the 3rd mov of 5 and see what happens. :nigga:

ahahahah da fuckin ORAGEMOFO tribute:

hahaha I randomly zaw a random student perf of da 9th

I wizh da pimp had made 7 minz reminizheeyatz inztead of fuckin 50 minz tranny :sunglasses:

pozz da MART zhud improve dem ?

Yes, this Erotica is on a transcendental level. Actually I tend to believe the stories that Katsaris often practised 8 hours a day or more when he was younger. How else could he master these horrendously difficult transcriptions so well.

Ahahaha truuuuu

Da full zheeyat a bit ovahkill n pozz reach D960 levelz of gheynezz :sunglasses:

Da brotha 9 on da 88 zhud juz be

5mim shitzo
EU zong encore

N tru da zepp vil only play da MART tranz of deze workz :sunglasses:

Hahaha da zepp clearly envisioning da fuchah of da 88 rectal.

  1. Sexy outfit (any gendah, gendah will be unclassified in 10 years anyway)
  2. Sub 2 min, instagram-friendly snippet
  3. :dong: facials now standard on any penist
  4. Digi 88 or hybrid (going to surpass da acoustic as tech improves!)
  5. Sexy backup dancahs

Basically in da 19th century da pimp invented da solo 88 rectal n in da 21st century it will quickly turn into 88-themed tranny porn

:tm: I can’t wait! :sunglasses:

ahahahaha alzo da zepp alwayz envizion clozeup HAND and FACIAL CAM projected zide by zide on a movie zcreen fo every rectal :sunglasses:

Bazically imagine witnezzin diz ORAGE TRIBUTE ZECT in diz format, da COMPLETE M*ZIKAL EXPERIENCE tru :sunglasses:

Datz rite, da BIG SCREEN where you alternate between hand shot, face shot and if tiz a female penizt - also a shaking bust shot (during octs) n sum legs n heel closeups.

Classical piano rectal attendance would skyrocket.

Hahaha reminded me of dis:

Fucking vulgar coda rewrite though :angry:

Yeah, I just don’t see why people think they can improve Liszt’s scores…

That said, it had a WTF Busoni restrained rewrite rather than a flashy VOL rewrite vibe :dark_sunglasses:

Also, if it was an Asian chick I would have fully endorsed da interp :sunglasses:

I read sumwhere dat it’z a Soerjadi coda (it used to be on da tube in a different vid).

Cziffra can get away with rewriting Liszt eg Faust Waltz, and maybe Wild in the Meph 1 coda, but it takes a pretty special penizt. I don’t like da vol’s stuff in Dante and da Doberman (just inappropriate) but his hr13 is pretty cool.

I remember da zepp being a WIBI fan circa 2004, though pozz I’m misremembering. Personally, I don’t like any of VOL’s Liszt rewrites. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of any I like except for Horowitz’s Danse Macabre (though I miss that fantastic section with the repeated octaves before the theme returns).

Incidentally, tha legendary (and mysterious) UMAT kept that part from Liszt when playing the Horowitz version.

Hu da fuk iz da UMAT n iz dere a link to hiz Bigazz Mac?

damn da previously unknown info cumah: