Da PIMP cudnt play da PIMPZON but da OLD ARRAUZAL zumhow CUD

Da claim made at 50 zecz

  • Tru da Old Arrauzal tech clearly mo advanced den da PIMP at around 40
  • Da PIMP tech cud play da notez but didn’t haf da profound M*ZICALITY ov da OLD Arrauzal
  • Da Hurwitz iz a cunt

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he’s usually not bad on the facts, but in this case i dunno. :rofl:
liszt could play his sonata, that’s self evident. but like all old queens, hurwitz loves to embellish; my guess is maybe there’s a quote somewhere that on a certain day he didn’t want/‘couldn’t’ play the sonata, and that got morphed into this schmegegge

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Of COURSE da :pimp: cud play it. Is da HURPEZ the reincarnation of Brahms?


Oh god. “meaningful”

:zif: :sunglasses:

For the record, my two fave pimpzonz are :bar: and Huseyin Sermet.

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