da pimp norma

tru diz iz my favourite operatic tranz. Diz iz great music and technically zoundz (and lookz) inzanely difficult. Dere iz sum wikid speed in arpz, scalez, octz, chordz; da full arsenal. Which are your favourite verzionz of this work? I have only heard like 3 or 4 (Doc fois 3, death ray ?, lezbo) the kocsis broadcast that koji posted (iirc) is the best version I’ve heard. And I like Chaliapin zinging da Ite sul colle, o Druidi. Any other versions I should look out for?

Rezpec but what about Robert le Diable?

love this piece. da doc iz inzane in it.

truly diz piece iz very m*sical too. love da fuckin insanity in the fast part.

I don’t think its nearly as good musically. But still fun to listen to!

I wish I had a tape recorder when Cyprien played through it last spring–it was awesome.


hahahaha thiz zheeyat iz lyk one of tha bezt LEZBO goez to tha opera pimp dizcs

probably mah fav rec tho iz tha live DOCTAH in Iceland tru, or tha ztudio BULLET :doc:

and fo tha famouz b majah arpz zect , tha rape dealt to them by tha BUZ 88roll iz juz dizturbing n unmatchd 8)

the best perf of this was when i saw da doc play it in april '06. i managed to record it, but the quality is sheeyat.

Im not saying its Beethoven’s 111 or anything :lib:

Kocsis and Doc in … Mulheim I think? One of the concerts jre uploaded anyway. He makes all the technical arpeggios sound like beautiful background colours cuz they’re so easy for him.

ive heard :doc: 's perf of diz. would like to hear more to compare. how duz dis compare in difficulty with don juan?

hahaha da BUZ 88roll
a bit addictive

ahahahahah thatz ryt 8)

I was actually referring to Dnephi’s post. you posted just before me. Should have quoted. I think norma is great musicially.


my fav iz tha doc ztudio zheeyt on muz*k n Artz :doc: