da PLATE's guru

truuuu. This mofo was where da plate got his insane piano tech from.
I like him already. What a chill dude, not a pretentious CUNT.

want more? 5 hours worth tru

(no wonder da plate turned into a pedo)

Yeah Novitskaya turned out rather strange too.

Come to think of it he also taught Ivo

This guy, something is creepy there, can’t put my finger on it


haha but I’m sure he could put his finger on it, if that’s yo kind of thing :doc: :doc: :doc:

I have nice photos of him with Novitskaya & Pletnev. He’s big time respected as a teacher.

Damn! You went there…

He could probably put his finger not only ON it but also IN it.

I’m awful 8)

But seriously, is this dude weird or not?
Damn, that interview is so systematic too…

I’m getting a strong OCD/PEDO vibe there

Yeah I plucked the low-hanging fruit…like a pedo :zhreddah:

He probably got all fucked up in the patriotic war. I read somewhere he was honoured for his good work in it.

I retract my suggestions that he may be anything like his student :gav:

these days I just assume anyone who works with kids is a pedo until proven otherwise.

Those teachers at the CMS made a huge influence on their students’ future success as they went on to the Conservatory. I’m surprised they’re not honoured more because you sometimes read about pianists later on who say that their biggest influence was their teacher at the CMS. It seems like 95% of successful Russian pianists went through there.

Of course man, that program is rigorous as hell…

Da St. Speedzburg had a good one too, my motha went dere.
All good teachers who were really fucking qualified.

I guess it was a different era…

Tru, although I think in Russia it would still be pretty rigorous today?
I wonder if we’ve become developmentally stunted these days, everyone continues to take lessons well into their 20s or even later.
While back in the day, we had pianists like Horowitz, Rubinstein and Arrau who never had a teacher after the age of 17 (or even earlier).

Yeah, they developed on their own and bloomed after such a great early training.

Did your mother concertise or teach when she moved to the US?

What’s the one in Petersburg called?

CMS still has a sick lineup of teachers. Geniusas’ mother teachers there.


Nah, my mother never concertized. She never liked playing solo anyway. Always preferred opera, etc.
She was da vocal coach at da Marrinzky under (not literally) Gergiev before we moved. Now she plays in all the Ballet companies in NYC

Damn. Respect yo mother. How come you don’t take advantage of your mother’s position and attend to ‘study’ and hit up some of the corps girls? :doc:

That’s pretty cool, that’s kinda what I wanted to do since I also hated playing solo and love ballet.

They’re all non-Asian.

I can just cum to my school any time, man oh man.
70% wealthy chicks. Most of them Asian, Chinese with some Korean and exactly 3 Japs - 1 is married, one is just not hot, and da other one I tried to hot up last week and never got her number. And forgot her name.

I’m just not into white chix
Randomly, one of my friends at school was really into black chicks. He even married one, now they are divorced, randomly.

In the Paris Opera Ballet, there’s one half Japanese/Half Kiwi chick who’s pretty cute. Saw her do the Street Dancer from Don Quixote the other night. There are so many hot ballerinas.
Actually that was one of the reasons I was obsessed with Russia.

The things I would do to this woman, holy shit.