Da POGO Reviews

Critics actually seem to be in agreement for once.
Heard his Tchaik 1 couple of years ago, definitely uncomfortable listening.



I’ve never been convinced by his more “wacky” interps but when he plays “normally” he can be excellent.
I’d still probably go to his concert if I had the chance (at least once).

hahaha man i am a huge fan of tha :rectum: prok 6 but debatably tha pogo iz mah fav all tym interp of tha zheeyat :lib:

mo recently tha yuja/mart bootleg fo tha finale wuz tha moz legendary :wood:

would love to hear that brahmz pag tbh

i wud be interezted in a POGO bootleg wiz hiz late wyf 8)

…in the end mofo is still cashing checks! Jokes on us!

The Brahms is quite good zo far…quite inward in the softer vars, pounding the louder ones as expected, nothing too outrageous.

Christ, can’t make it through the Schumann.

i still feel the same:

i’d rather listen to his insane ideas than all the boring, conservative pianists currently active with nothing to say, any day.

good pogo is fuckin good

Good Pogo is fuckin rare is the problem.