da possible challanga to da 10/2 throne of da RUDY

dere is sum oriental mofo, timed in france, by some journalist SD reportah mofo - 10/2 in 58secs???

we have listened to his slightly slowah studio rec, and whilst his voicin is ingenius, me and da zepp are almost positive dat he cheats by simplifyin dat sheeyat.

da question is, did he also cheat in da live 58-sec rec?

da reportah wit da SD stopwatch possibly had a shit ear and failed to recognise da cheatin - which would be near impossible to tell at such a wheekeed speed.

lets discuss dis possible upset in da 10/2 monarchy 8)

can u post da studio rec ?

and btw
we all know dat speed cums before accuracy
so if he cheats a bit… it’s not a big deal provided he gains some speed is it ?

well, dis is basically like runnin da 110 metre hurdles race without any hurdles in yo lane

i respec him for da sheer speed, but dis is still questionable

and contact da jeffmeista fo a link to da rec

Dis insane feat has predicktably been put undah close scrutiny by SDC investigators. We hope to report back on our findings in da near fuchah. 8)

hahaha, dats rite, it takes a good ear fo dis sheeyat


do you haff da name of dis oriental mofo??

no, dis is da tru mofo reason we are so curious - dis mofo is a nameless legend 8)

do we even know if he exists?
dat mofo culd be a made up mofo

sum1 has to be playin dat shit man, we have da fuckin rec

Under 1 minute sounds impossible! Let me hear it!

no recs exist of dat live even, dere is only a studio rec by him, its slowah

Maestro Rudy probably comploted so dat no rec and no proof of dis live rec remains on earth

Da current official record holder, Maestro RUDY checks in at 1’01. Goto http://www.msk.tsi.ru/~ruden/Rudenko-en.htm and seek out dis legendary genius.

Da oriental mofo’s studio rec is 1’05 btw.


dats rite 8)

:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Thougt me fast :blush:

hahaha, dats rite, but u aint bad speedy - keep practicin dat sheeyat - and rememba yo signature motoo sheeyat 8)