Da pour le piano of Daboosy

The toccatta from dat legendary collection.

I have Thiollier playing it…I’ll get it to WMA for you…

I thought u want the score?
I have the recording.

Hahaha da jeff & da shaga makez peace!?!?!



haha me is needin da score

Mah bad self has the score too 8)


Haha, I have it too and I can send it fastahst.


dat was mah-extra-unreal-bad-self.

next time leave at least 10 min period between ur posts




hahahaha, dat waz yo 39th post

i like dat numbah 8)

Arsha Kaviani

Your name iz a tru mofo. 8)

BTW, who has made the fastest recording of this (the toccata)? I have Gilels live version which is hilariously slow (4: 07 without the ending) compared to Ivan Moravec (3:14 without ending). Koji wud probably disagree and call the Gilels performance “phenomenal”. 8)

hahahahaha, how doez he compare wit da pedram rad? 8)

i dont know dis piece 8)

canz iz getz Da toccata pdfz’ aS weLL. Im at da TheTwistedPoulin@aol.com …iLL bEe uR best friEnD

by Da way, Dis iz My 1st pOSt… yay fOr mE. DonT be hATin’ DaTwistedPoUlIn

da VALAR pwnz yo anuz

muahahahaha… Mr. Hand. LVA iz da restin’ plaCe of da VALAR