Da pozt yo chezz gamez thread

tru randomly a high denzity of chezz playahz active on da forum rn, zo diz thread natural. da feztin can make fun of n/o giff advice to da weakah playahz (all of dem here) n da zkep can occazionally giff advice to da DIM at leazt haha

da zkep play a near-perfect wun lazt nite, haff randomly faced da zcotch lyk 4 tymz out of 10 gamez

juzt diz Qxb2 improvement ovah da Qh4+ zince da queen already on f6. da zkep notice diz but it looked mo dangerouz; white nevah findz dat Qd4 zheeyat againzt Qh4+. if dey do den da zkep probably gunna loze even tho tiz technically bettah fo black, but diz happen to moi maybe lyk 1/30 tymz

randomly ven da zkep zign up da zite azk “wut iz yo ztrength” n da zkep chooze intermediate, zo ratin ztarted at a hilariouz 1200 haha

da 54. Qb4+ 55. Nd4 da highlight azide frum da openin prep

@festinfurious wunce da zkep promote, obviouzly wuz mezzy frum there. general notez zheeyat?

alzo random obzervation:

da LICHEZZ blitz playahz <2000 much bettah on da clock n playin zpeedy at da end

da CHEZZ.CUM playahz <2000 much bettah at playin zolid n not hangin random piecez

juzt da zkep zmall zample zize zo fah, o diz zound tru?


da zepp cud liveztream pokah from da cazino :sunglasses:


My brain is too weak and flaccid for chess tho holding out hope fo an SDC invite for Lisitsa through her chess handles. She’d fit in.


Da quick :clock1: feztin game review
5… Qf6 aha da zkep play a zlitely unuzual var and white immediately cummit an inaccuracy
9 Rg1 white mizzez da deviouz Qd4. Da zkep now a clear two pawnz up
15… Rd1+ da zkep correctly zimplify into a minah piece ending
19 b3 on general principle a small error as da pawnz shud be on da oppozite colah square to da bizhop
21… Bg4, 23… Ne3 furthah zimplificasheeyat followed by activating da knight against da white kingzide, sensible play
25… g5 decent but I prefer Ke6, activating da king and threatening to invade down da e file or via da weak white squares on da kingzide. Similarly on move 26, by da time we reach move 30 white has made a bit of defenziff progrezz in termz of neutralising da black kingzide pawn majority
34 a4, wut a bad move, mizzing da thruzt :eggplant: of da zkep Nf7. The game shud be ovah now
52… Qf3 I’d play Qb8 on the practical baziz of there being no possibility of the white pawn sneaking through and the queen being so far apart from da king dat no random fork might occur undah time pressure
55… Nd4 mozt amuzing
Da zkep showing sum gud premove zkillz towardz da end.

Zmooth win.

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Obviouzly I’m now unable to rezizt da oppahtunity fo sum random bragging…

Diz a feztin top secret opening cuntcept in da london and I had already beaten an IM with da line up to and including q side castling prior to dis. Da Kamzky reacted in a predicktably ill-humoured mannah
and reported da feztin fo alleged engine uze :dong:

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da lichezz interface a bit different tho, eaziah to premove lotz of movez in almozt no time, chezz.com takes 0.1z off da :clock1: even with a premove

tru n dey dun allow multiple premovez, zo dey work yo wrizt muzclez into zhape bettah. da zkep hath lozt a few gamez already even to low rated mofoz on chezz.com cuz da clock juzt lyk invizible on dere. da zkep nevah notice it until tiz lyk randomly 15 zecondz

Ok, lookin at diz Kamzky game. When duz yo prep end? Obviouzly b6 not a prepped move n diz attack duzn’t work unlezz b6+Bb7 (nd7 blockin da diag n qe8 even ztill dun allow it), zo wut iz da mannah of diz preparazhun? Iz dere a similah line u play where diz zame attack workz?

Dis was da firzt outing of dis attack. It amountz to a very aggrezziff system v hippopotamuz type setups. The opening is almost identical to da Kamzky game. Dere was no prep involved here, dis attack wuz zpontaneouz impro :kat: and at a much slower time control :snail:, so it was easier to conzidah da sacrificial cuntceptz. The star idea is really the q side castling point, just aiming fully for the h file mates. By the time I played da Kamzky I had had a good look at da attack varz.

Kamzky’z f6 is a mistake: f5 is much more sturdy but still decent for white. I’m inclined to the view that Bb7 is plauzible but ultimately the wrong move order and Nbd7 needz to arrive firzt.

When I played a related version of this h4 planning h5 and exchange sac idea v Nakamura he said on stream that h4 is a mistake, so he clearly doesn’t believe the rather crude attacking concept. I was actually doing well in that game!.. until I played the wrong attacking plan. I’ll find it…

20. f3! planning Qh2 isn’t easy to play against in a practical sense. 20. Qf3 just gets eaten up and my poor time management doesn’t help. Interesting to see that he plays a far more flexible setup and doesn’t commit to early casting.

Hang on, it wuz dis game where he criticised h4.

A decent effort from da feztin but da knight sac on move 27 juzt too optimiztic/ dezperate. Da impending Bc3 sacz were worrying moi but 27 Rc1 wud be quite solid. Oh well, significantly bettah playahz den moi get wiped out by him too. Da Naka at a different level even to ‘normal’ GMz.

hahahaha REZPEC da FEZTINMOFO but da zepp vil play devil’z advozheeyat here n make a caze defendin da CUMZKI TANTRUM :sunglasses:

uzin da analyziz function on da zite, we can c dat

in yo game wiz CUMZKI, from move 8 to move 20 (every move aftah da h4 lyn til da end)

13/13 of yo movez match da engine firzt choice (100%)
10/13 CUMZKI movez match da engine firzt choice (77%)

in cumparizon, da NAK game from move 11 to move 30

11/19 of yo movez match da engine firzt choice (58%)
13/19 NAKA movez match da engine firzt choice (68%)

tru u dun haff to agree wiz da CUMZKI but undahztand da legitimacy of hiz fury. He wuz already ovahperformin at 3500+ level bazed on engine matchin zcore but wuz hopelezzly wiped out by da zheer perfection of hiz opponent :sunglasses:


Hahaha da “rewriting” excuse :Kennah:

Dis actually quite a good example of why da Regan anti cheat detection algo is used. As I attended da zoom lecture he gave on it fo da benefit of mofoz playing in an online UK league, I certainly hope I undahztood his main point :dong: which wuz dat in forcing linez it isn’t that remarkable for a human to get high levelz of engine matching but it becumz very zuggeztiff if it happenz in more abstract positions:

eg here, having played 8. h5 it’s almozt inevitable that white reaches 11. Qh5 because there simply aren’t likely alternatiffz. And additionally, having played the whole idea up to O-O-O before (with the insertion of a4 and a6), it’s pretty likely that the position at move 13 arrives without any suspicious activity on my part. Of course, da CUMZKY is not aware of dis important artefact…

On move 13 I’m obviously only ever going to play Rh1 or Bd3 as these are the most logical ways to continue. I view 16. Bg5 as literally the only “difficult” move in the game, and at the time it was a choice between it and Nf3 as I need to break down what remains of the defensive formation as directly as pozzible. Once you see that Bg5 fg Nf3 the rook is pinned to the queen and Bf6 doesn’t defend either because then Ng5 and the bishop is tied to the mate on h8 it becumz an easy choice.

That said, I’ve got a little bit of sympathy for his view in the sense that it is a pretty unlikely attack to cum up with and yet it works very naturally. Only fair to say that I beat another GM in the same event and he didn’t complain :sunglasses:

Far less cuntvincing, sumwut of a swindle iirc

Also, randomly, I won in bullet against Firouzja…

'z brother :sunglasses:


dayum why da :brothah: emote gone?

oops :nigga:

dayum a bit much fo moi deze dayz

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I’m cuntcerned about da apparently vanizhing :hatto:

pozz da :hatto: can be replaced by da :petrosian: in diz thread at leazt. Tigran L. Petrozian ofc

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Why would da mart git rid of da :hahahatto: ?

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Haven’t played in a bit, but da zkep workin on diz openin ztudy zheeyat on hiz old account. da zkep ztudy openinz 900x mo den play blitz zheeyat. chaptahz 1-3 dun:

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